Monday, 12 February 2007

Education Automation

I've been re-reading the book that launched me on my career path. (No, not Using Moodle although I am working on the second edition). Bucky Fuller's Education Automation is the book that put me on my path into education and technology. As a college grad with a degree in Environmental Conservation, I didn't exactly have a clear direction to take. But I had been a big fan of Fuller since my early days as an architecture student (which obviously didn't pan out).

So now, 13 years later, I'm reading Education Automation again. You can too. It's freely available on the web from the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

What always strikes me is how prescient this little book is. Two-way TV? Point-to-point communication for the whole world? Access to the world's best content? Sounds kinda familiar to me.

photo © Alex Gonzalez for CC:Attribution

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